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Powered by WebRTC, CDNBye is compatible with iOS, Android, and the vast majority of modern browsers, enable much greater proportions of online audiences to participate in peer-to-peer segment exchanges.


CDNBye's mesh network acts as an overlay to traditional content delivery and is fully compatible with your current encoding, CDN, load-balancing, analytics, DRM and advertising solutions.

Intelligent Scheduling

CDNBye reduces need to rely on ISP peering by keeping traffic within individual ISPs and subsections of ISP networks. Your CDN is only used when p2p network unavailable and to allow faster startup.


Fast Implementation

Our thoughtfully designed APIs allow simple integration with a few lines of code. Switching to P2P-CDN streaming has never been easier. Compatible with all CDNs, agnostic to DRM and video codecs. No service side changes required.

Security & Privacy

All communication channels use the industry standard network security protocol so neither the data sent between two viewers, nor the metadata sent between each viewer and the CDNBye backend can be compromised.

Full Control

Enjoy a flexible configuration and activation options, as well as comprehensive view of your platform’s P2P CDN traffic and quality of service metrics directly within your dashboard or via APIs for your own analytics tools.


vidground.com is a website that can help you create your own video page for free, it will play your own videos on Google Drive as a shareable player on the web.

Purple Smart Player is most user friendly IPTV and VOD player for android smart TV, android box, amazon fire TV & android mobile platforms.

Tzu Chi Foundation

Tzu Chi Foundation is a global Buddhist charity, with users located in various regions of the world. Tzu Chi Live uses the P2P solution provided by CDNBye, which overcomes the difficulties of multinational distribution of streaming media.

It's time to say bye to CDNs!

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